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Made for Kids


Flexi the Flamingo - Bubbles and Friends

Learn & grow with Bubbles & Friends, the official mascot of
The Learning Experience child care center partnered with the
Make a Wish Foundation

Watch the most popular episodes featuring Flexi:

Good Sportsmanship

Patience for Kids


Dance, Dance, Dance

Frisbee Fun

Splash, Splash, Splash

WowNow Family Entertainment -
on Tubi.TV, DVD & local library catalogues!


Entertainment for infants & toddlers.

Tubi TV.png

The Quiz Show! (2022)

Encanto! Would you Rather?

Guess Who Said...Encanto!

Guess the Country

Pick 1 Kick 1 - Fast Food!

Pet Academia by SunsetSafari

AdoptMe Roblox Series - EP 1 & 2
(Luna + Mother voice)

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